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Spice Kitchen

In a productive two-day photoshoot for Spice Kitchen we created a versatile set of images with the intention of promoting the brand’s selection of spice tins. Through the use of multiple setups, including cosy kitchen settings and crisp, clean pack shots, we produced a range of seasonal content which would later be posted on multiple social media platforms. One of the primary aims of this project was to create images that not only made the products appear visually appealing, but also helped the consumer to visualise using them in their own home. For this we required two main setups: one with a simple white background which would be used for pack shots and product listings, and another within a kitchen setting where meals were prepared using the marketable items. Combined, they created a tantalising display that was an ultimate feast for the eyes. To top this off, our images were featured on the John Lewis website which undeniably enhanced the brand's visibility and appeal.

Project Gallery

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